About Guttman Energy

How can Guttman Energy help me?

Guttman Energy provides natural gas solutions to commercial and industrial energy users. Our industry experts will customize plans specific to your natural gas requirements.

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What is deregulation?

Before deregulation, the utility supplied and delivered energy to customers. With deregulation in place, you now have the ability to shop for an energy supplier, empowering you to choose the supplier that best fits your specific needs. The delivery of energy is still regulated and remains the responsibility of your local utility company.

How does deregulation of natural gas benefit customers?

Energy deregulation benefits customers by increasing competition in the energy marketplace, which naturally results in lower electricity and natural gas prices.

How can Guttman Energy give me a better price on energy than the utility company?

With access to supply throughout the marketplace, our energy buyers possess the experience and knowledge to buy energy at the most competitive prices. Additionally, we have a very efficient, cost-conscious business model that keeps our expenses low. These business practices give us the opportunity to pass along the savings to you.

Where will my natural gas come from?

Our team of industry experts buys natural gas in the local market at the most competitive rates available. The local utilities then distribute this natural gas to our customers.

By choosing an alternative energy supplier, will I be leaving my current utility company?

Your current utility company will continue to service you by delivering your natural gas, reading your meter and responding to emergencies.

How will selecting a new natural gas supplier change my relationship with my utility provider?

When trusting your natural gas supply to Guttman Energy, your utility provider relationship will not change. Even though you will receive your natural gas supply from Guttman Energy, the utility provider will still distribute your natural gas with the same level of service.

Customer Service

Who do I call if I smell natural gas?

If you smell natural gas, immediately contact your utility company.

Should I notify my utility of my switch to Guttman Energy?

When you enroll with us, Guttman Energy will notify your utility company of the change. This change should be reflected on your utility bill within one to two billing cycles.

Will I receive a separate bill in addition to my current utility bill?

Depending on your specific usage profile, there are two ways you could be billed, as follows:

  • One Bill: You will receive one bill from your utility. Guttman Energy’s charges will be listed separately on your utility bill.
  • Two Bills: You will receive a bill from Guttman Energy for your energy supply. You will also receive a bill from your utility for supply distribution costs.

Who do I contact with questions about my bill?

If you have questions on your utility bill, you should contact your utility provider. (Contact information can be found here.) If you have questions on your bill from Guttman Energy, you can contact our Customer Commitment Team at (855) 298-6839 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, or send us an email at customercare­@guttmanenergy.com.