Leadership Team

The Natural Gas division of Guttman Energy was created to diversify the company’s business by extending its corporate capabilities in the petroleum market to the natural gas market. Guttman Energy brings to this new market the same high level of customer commitment, consultative energy expertise, and sophisticated supply and hedging capabilities that the company has been providing in the petroleum market since 1931.


Scott Cargile
President and Chief Operating Officer

Scott Cargile is Chief Operating Officer of Guttman Energy, Inc. Scott joined Guttman Energy as Executive Vice President Supply & Distribution in August 2011.

In addition to his work with Guttman Energy, Scott has 30 years of experience in the energy business through his employment with Texaco and Chevron, including 20 years in Supply & Trading. Scott was a VP of Chevron Products Company, a Division of Chevron USA, since the merger of Chevron and Texaco in 2001. As VP, his roles included Vice President, Risk Management & Financial Trading, and General Manager, Product Supply & Trading – Americas.

Scott also has eight years of experience in Marketing, including general manager roles in Chevron Global Aviation Sales and as Vice President of Texaco Aviation Sales, LLC.

Scott received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Brown University.


Mark Harper
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mark Harper is the Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Guttman Energy, Inc. He joined the Company in October 2014.

Mark has 28 years of experience in the energy business, serving in a variety of strategic sales and marketing roles. Prior to joining Guttman Energy, Mark was president of U.S. marketing at ConocoPhillips. Mark’s previous roles in the industry include vice president of branded wholesale marketing at Phillips, several executive positions at Tosco Corporation and numerous roles at BP America.

In addition Mark was the CEO and owner of a large petroleum distribution company in the southeast United States and spent time with BJ’s Wholesale Club as Vice President, Petroleum, Propane and Tire Bays.

Mark received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Toledo.


Darren Sadowski
Information Technology Director

Darren brings 15 years of technology experience to Guttman Energy, including 10 years of customer solutions. This experience and passion for innovation enables Darren to provide Guttman Energy customers with the information needed to make comprehensive decisions about their energy purchasing strategy.

Darren’s Customer Commitment
  • Manage the business technology framework and processes to create a reliable communication system providing a seamless customer experience
  • Leverage technology to integrate operational business platforms into a single channel-facing portal