Why Guttman Energy?

Why Guttman Energy

Our Customer Commitment Team is focused on finding the best solution for each customer at the most competitive price possible. Through a customer-focused mindset, we provide the following:

Customer Intimacy
With a track record of emphasizing relationships with customers, our Customer Commitment Team has over 125 years of collective energy expertise and knowledge of the unique needs of commercial and industrial customers. Our team works closely with each prospective customer to identify unique needs and create the customized solution that best addresses those needs. Beginning at first contact and continuing throughout your relationship with Guttman Energy, we are fully committed to your satisfaction.
83+ Years of Stability as a Regional Energy Marketer
Because we operate in markets we know well, we have the business relationships necessary to offer our customers competitively priced energy solutions. Our operational area is one of the fastest growing energy producing regions in the country, providing us with access to abundant, low-cost energy supply. This translates to lower prices for our customers.
Operational Efficiency
In building our Natural Gas operations, we fully leverage technology and efficient operational processes to provide you timely, competitive prices and a smooth, stress-free customer experience.
Risk Management Expertise
Energy prices are increasingly volatile, making it difficult to manage your energy budget. You can count on our decades of risk management experience to help navigate market volatility, giving you greater budgetary and operational control of your business. We collaborate with customers to develop energy purchasing programs matched to their unique business goals and risk sensitivity, and provide advice on how to adjust buying strategies over time based on ever-changing market conditions. Our ability to execute a variety of tailored supply and price risk management programs for our customers is enabled by:

  • Buying and selling natural gas locally in our customers’ markets to take advantage of short term supply and demand imbalances.
  • Using energy futures to hedge against volatile prices and lock in favorable economics.
  • Using our energy market expertise, industry relationships, and sophisticated market data systems to identify and capture favorable pricing and deliver those economics to our customers locally.